No matter what program you have, there are many consistent elements to apply. These components will greatly help you along your transformation journey. Compiled below are my keys to success with any of the Beachbody programs.

1.) Nutrition 
You will see the greatest changes in your appearance, health, strength, and overall well-being if you stick 100% to your nutrition plan. Whether for the 63 days of Insanity, or for the 90 days of P90X or TurboFire, commit yourself to not cheating on your diet. Say, "No matter what, for 90 days, I won't compromise. Sorry, for the next 90 days, I don't eat those things." It is a commitment that you only make once. Once and it is done. What is there to debate? You don't eat or drink that. Until you are done with you program, you are have one mission and you won't risk messing that up.

Track everything you eat and make sure to weigh/measure your servings. Get a digital kitchen scale and prepackage your servings/meals. Tracking is so easy with programs like It is totally free and has a huge database of food items, commercial and generic. Just search for what you ate and enter how much you ate. Consistency is key! If you would describe fat loss as your #1 goal, stick to the Fat Shredder percentages. This is where you get your calories from 50% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and 20% fats. The high level of protein helps to keep you satisfied. A whey protein powder makes it much easier to reach your targets. Avoid sugars outside of fruits and other natural sources. If it has high fructose corn syrup in it, don't eat it. Drink your water! No sodas, alcohol, fruit juices, etc... it is too easy to get way off track with all of those. Remember, this is for 90 days; you can reassess your relationship with those other beverages after you are ripped.

As far a supplements go, Shakeology is the best way to make sure you get everything you need in a day while losing weight. It is truly amazing stuff. I use mine as a meal replacement and it always leaves me so full and satisfied. I have tons of energy and my digestion has improved noticeably. If you are interested in trying Shakeology, click the Free Sample tab at the top of the page. It includes a complete money back guarantee and free shipping with Home Direct (you can cancel even after a 1 time order... I really doubt you will). I use a couple other supplements (Anabolic Ignite, a pre-workout from MuscleFeast and Kre-Alkalyn- a creatine) but Shakeology is the only one I would recommend above all the rest as a necessity and true life-changer. 

2.) Workouts
If you have your Beachbody program, you have the best! Now it is just a matter of making sure you have the needed gear. Programs like Insanity require very little gear, just your body and maybe a heart rate monitor. P90X and X2 require a pull up bar, dumbbells or bands, and again possibly a heart rate monitor. ChaLean and TurboFire can use weights and bands. Read your program guide and make sure you have everything you need for the program so you are not held back. I bought adjustable dumbbells from Sears that range for 10-50 lbs. They have worked well. I also have a selection of bands from various manufacturers, including Beachbody. The Beachbody ones are nice with their interchangeable handles. 

Find a time that works for you. I am an early AM kind of guy. It gets my day off on the right foot. You are committing to the workouts as well. Make them a priority by finding a consistent and special time just to workout. Log your workouts on TeamBeachbody for a chance to win money. Takes a second and who knows, you could win $500.

Finally, you will be sore. I hadn't worked out in over three years when I started P90X. The first week was rough. I didn't know my chest, arms, back, and legs could ache like that. Get plenty of sleep and keep pushing forward. The soreness means you are pushing your body. It will subside in a couple of weeks. 

3.) Support and Community
This is why I am here and what I hope Team PerformanceX will provide for you. Plug in on facebook and here at the site. Email me any questions you have. There are no bad questions. I remember emailing my coach every other day about my nutrition until I felt on top of it. It took about two weeks, but I was off to the races then and never looked back. My wife Erin is also in on this site and facebook. She has great experience from the perspective of living with someone doing P90X and what that does to the family. She also is a graduate of ChaLean Extreme. She has a wealth of knowledge about issues that face mothers, nutrition, vegan/whole food eating, and cooking. You can ask her anything on the facebook page or just email me and I will pass it along. 

Are you ready to get started? You are only a few months away from a completely new physique and healthy life. Do it for yourself. Do it for your family. Remember that it took you years of not caring to get where you are and it will take time to change your habits. The change will happen if you are committed! I am so excited for you and what this journey will bring. Take your Day 1 photos and hide them away until Day 30. Once you pull them out and compare, you will be floored at what 30 days has done. Can you imagine what Day 90 will look like?

As always, I am here for you. Email, FB message, post, call... get a hold of me! I just want to help you get everything you can out of the program you picked.

Bring it!
Coach David