Thursday, March 15, 2012

Supplement Recommendations


Here is a question I get quite a bit, "What supplements do you use?" OR "What supplements would you recommend?" Both are great questions with a not so easy or direct answer. The world of supplements is HUGE! Here is what I have found works for me... in no particular order (after the 1st two).

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The Bowflex Selecttech dumbbells are on sale again! $279 for a set of 552′s with the stand included and free shipping. Just use the code “SPRING552″ at checkout and the stand will be added with the discount. They usually only stay on sale for a few days, so if you want them you'd better hurry! Just wanted to pass along a good deal! Here is their website: BOWFLEX 

Insanity: The Asylum

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Insanity: The Asylum will do just that! Here is my review on this great program from Shaun T. and the Beachbody team.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

P90X Gear

So what goes into P90X you may be asking... well I will tell you. P90X is beautiful because it is simple. It is not easy, but again, it is simple. The program itself runs about $120 from BeachBody (you'll find rip off counterfeits out there... beware, their DVDs will likely skip and there is no way to get a replacement. BB replacement is for a lifetime!). You will then need a place to do pull-ups (doorway attachment or build one... I did and I love it!) and some free weights or bands. That is it! It was designed to be done in you living room. I worked out in the basement in a 10 x 11 room with a 7'4" ceiling. I know work out in the garage because I can't jump with a 7' ceiling. Can it really be that simple? It is... You don't need anything else. I have added push-up bars ($12 at Dunham's) for great range of motion and a HR monitor (Timex - $66 on Amazon, it is cool!) to really know if I am bringing the intensity I need.

No gym fees, no gimmicks, no huge pieces of equipment, just real work and real results.

My personal picks for gear:

Adjustable Dumbbells - Bowflex Selectechs or Weider Selects (I bought these... they were cheaper and my buddy Matt had a similar set that worked excellently... he took them back to bring it with the 'X' for himself. Make sure to get a range that works for you. You will use up to 50lbs and more. I am pulling 75lbs on rows now... pull ups make you strong.)
Home-made Pull-Up Bar - 4' of 1" black pipe, 90 degree fittings to 3/4", 4" pieces of 3/4" black pipe, and 2 flanges. I picked up everything from Menard's or around $25. Finally, I wrapped it with some athletic tape for comfort.

Door Mount P90X Pull-Up Bar
For use in any doorway. Temporary and easily stored. The beauty of the Beachbody Pull-Up bar is the huge variety of hand holds.  Super wide, narrow, palms in, etc. I started on one of these, but moved the fixed bar when I when out to that garage.

Push-Up Bars - More range of motion, deeper push ups, better results. Again, like $12 at Dunham's. Beachbody sells even cooler ones called Power Stands that the man, Tony Horton himself, designed. I got these because they worked into the budget. I have heard nothing but GREAT things about the Power Stands. They are evidently uber stable. 
Hit me up with any questions. I am an open book. It really can be as good as it looks... Decide, commit, succeed! BRING IT!!!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quinoa w/ Black Beans and Chicken

From Team PerformanceX member Matt W! The brain child of the recipe update... this looks awesome! I will definitely be making some this week. Schedule a day so you have some carbs for this great recipe.