Saturday, March 10, 2012

P90X Gear

So what goes into P90X you may be asking... well I will tell you. P90X is beautiful because it is simple. It is not easy, but again, it is simple. The program itself runs about $120 from BeachBody (you'll find rip off counterfeits out there... beware, their DVDs will likely skip and there is no way to get a replacement. BB replacement is for a lifetime!). You will then need a place to do pull-ups (doorway attachment or build one... I did and I love it!) and some free weights or bands. That is it! It was designed to be done in you living room. I worked out in the basement in a 10 x 11 room with a 7'4" ceiling. I know work out in the garage because I can't jump with a 7' ceiling. Can it really be that simple? It is... You don't need anything else. I have added push-up bars ($12 at Dunham's) for great range of motion and a HR monitor (Timex - $66 on Amazon, it is cool!) to really know if I am bringing the intensity I need.

No gym fees, no gimmicks, no huge pieces of equipment, just real work and real results.

My personal picks for gear:

Adjustable Dumbbells - Bowflex Selectechs or Weider Selects (I bought these... they were cheaper and my buddy Matt had a similar set that worked excellently... he took them back to bring it with the 'X' for himself. Make sure to get a range that works for you. You will use up to 50lbs and more. I am pulling 75lbs on rows now... pull ups make you strong.)
Home-made Pull-Up Bar - 4' of 1" black pipe, 90 degree fittings to 3/4", 4" pieces of 3/4" black pipe, and 2 flanges. I picked up everything from Menard's or around $25. Finally, I wrapped it with some athletic tape for comfort.

Door Mount P90X Pull-Up Bar
For use in any doorway. Temporary and easily stored. The beauty of the Beachbody Pull-Up bar is the huge variety of hand holds.  Super wide, narrow, palms in, etc. I started on one of these, but moved the fixed bar when I when out to that garage.

Push-Up Bars - More range of motion, deeper push ups, better results. Again, like $12 at Dunham's. Beachbody sells even cooler ones called Power Stands that the man, Tony Horton himself, designed. I got these because they worked into the budget. I have heard nothing but GREAT things about the Power Stands. They are evidently uber stable. 
Hit me up with any questions. I am an open book. It really can be as good as it looks... Decide, commit, succeed! BRING IT!!!



  1. Another necessity:
    A supportive wife who doesn't mind setting the alarm for 3:55am every day, even if that means she wakes up too. <3

    I have enjoyed watching you push yourself and seeing the awesome results. Halfway there!

  2. I supportive wife is a necessity! You are right!!! And I couldn't have got a better one... you can't even buy a better one.