Thursday, December 29, 2011

P90X2 - The Next Step

The long awaited release of P90X2 has come and gone. Sitting next to me right now is my copy... so cool! The big shift for P90X2 is an increased focus on core connected lifting and its ability to assist sports performance. I can't even wait. As of now, I have only sampled a few of the workouts. The three phases build upon one another and I know that I am not ready for the later phases. My Foundation Phase (first 3-6 weeks) will need help! I am going to keeping the blog to chronicle my progress through X2... I am dropping TV for the next 3 months to make sure that I have the time to make this happen. My hope is to post videos as well... still working on that!

I will be completing this program with a HUGE group of friends from teamRIPPED. There is the core of Asylum Crazies and the newly branded Misfits. There has already been tons of conversations on the group's page and I can tell this group will be perfect! They are focused, driven, and dedicated... I love all three!

My life has been great over the past few months. Lots of changes for my growing son, and lots of changes in the life of his parents! My wife and I are so blessed to have such a great little guy. The Lord has been so faithful in providing exactly what we need in all situations. I would love to say that the Lord has been revealing himself more, but I fear that he has been doing this all along and I am actually now just picking up on his ques more and more.

In September, I was able to take a trip to surprise my coach Wayne Wyatt in Oklahoma. It was awesome! I got to spend a weekend with a bunch of absolutely wonderful people. We worked out, race a Warrior Dash, and got to say "thanks" to the guy that helped change all of our lives. It was simply fantastic! I will leave you with a couple pictures from the race. Stay tuned and keep BRINGING IT!