Thursday, February 23, 2012

TPX Weekly Update

Hey Team PerformanceX!
I don't know about you, but man life sure can get busy (Sorry that the update is late!). This last week has been crazy. On top of getting sick, muscling through school and meetings, going to a conference in Kentucky, and working on the house, I got in all of my workouts and meals! I had to sub in some evening workouts, and I am not a fan. I love getting up and giving it my all before I leave for school. If you haven't joined the AM workout club, what are you waiting for! Nothing can ever get in the way of your workout. You do have to go to bed earlier... but give it a try if your evenings are getting full and you want to try something new!

ChaLEAN Extreme
Gentleman this could be for you... well for your special lady. And ladies, this is for you! If your wife or girlfriend has been watching you knock out P90X but thinks it may be a little much (I've heard it... too long, agh a pull up, so many pushups, etc. and valid) this could be the program for her! Chalene Johnson of TurboFire put together this great strength and toning program geared more towards women. The workouts are between 35-45 minutes and include 9 series of weight lifting circuits, 3 extreme cardio sessions, and 2 core powerhouses. It is the real deal. My wife did the full 90 days and was ripped with her own 6-pack on day 90 (I will see if she will let me share the pics... no promises). We are 96 days away from Memorial Day. See if she wants to be in the best shape of her life for this summer. I mean for you Challenge guys, she will have some serious arm candy with what you are doing! :) Should there be a woman’s challenge group to take on the TPX men?

Congrats to my buddy Brian Nopper. This dude got crazy ripped with P90X and Insanity: The Asylum. Brian and I share the same coach and got to hang out this past year in Oklahoma for a Warrior Dash. Brain just won $1000 with Team Beachbody and the Beachbody Challenge. All you have to do is enter and log in at Then log your workouts on their calender! Easy, easy. At the end of your 90, send in you photos. It is not too late if you already started!

Now what are you waiting for? Get after it! Give it your all! Enter the Beachbody Challenge for a chance to win some serious cash!CLICK HERE to learn more about entering yourself in the Beachbody Challenge — it’s free and you can earn some cold hard cash for your hard work and results!

Two favors that I ask:
1) Keep asking me any and all questions! Get on FB or email me. Then, if you like the hard work I put into writing my articles and videos, please help me out by sharing them. Click the share links below them and share them on FB, twitter, etc. It really helps grow Team PerformanceX.
2) Also, as always, remember that one way I benefit from being your coach (outside of being inspired by all of your hard work) is that I am able to earn a commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase, as long as you buy them through my site,, or when you log in to to do your shopping (If you buy from the plain Beachbody site, I don't receive credit). It helps with the amount of time I spend answering questions/helping you out and is no added cost to you. Thank you, I truly appreciate it!

Have a great week and keep bringing it!
Coach David  

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